A little bit about Kajahus

Kajahus (meaning a loud clear noise) is the 11th regional scout camp organised by Lapin Partiolaiset (Scouts of Lapland) in the summer of 2019. The camp is held in late July (from the 22nd to the 28th) at Sarriojärvi near Kemijärvi, Lapland. Kajahus is going to be the largest camp ever in Lapland: we are expecting over a thousand participants! Kajahus is a meeting place for Lappish Scouts, Finnish Scouts, and International Scouts. Kajahus is a combination of a time gone by, of the present, and of days to come. Kajahus is a place for liveliness, experience, and enjoyment.

This site will be updated for all the necessary information about Kajahus.


Signing up for Kajahus ended on April 28th.
We welcome all participants of at least 12 years of age from other countires to our camp! Unfortunately, international scouts younger than this age limit will have to wait for our next camp.

The participation fees are as follows
The full Kajahus experience 225 € (22.-28.7.)
Short experience for cub scouts 135 € (22.–25.7.)
One day participation 40 €


Kajahus is a regional scout camp organised by the Scouts of Lapland. The Scouts of Lapland is a provincial organisation for all local scout organisations in Lapland, which there are 28 in total.

Kajahus has two leaders, Anna Enbuske and Niilo Karjalainen. To help them, they have the chiefs’ committee, that includes Hanna Alakulppi (Chief of Resources), Juho Kunelius (Chief of Programme), Kari Keskitalo (Chief of Communication and Marketing), Ville Hautala (Chief of Maintenance), and Essi Kuure (Chief of Experience).

For our international campers, you can get in contact with Esa Marjomaa, our Head of International Affairs. He will provide all necessary information and materials if needed. You can reach Esa by e-mail (firstname.lastname@partio.fi).


Kajahus is going to be held at Sarriojärvi. It takes about an hour by car to get there from Rovaniemi (the distance is about 80 km) or about 20 minutes from Kemijärvi (the distance is about 20 km). There are public trains and buses that go as far as Kemijärvi.

Sarriojärvi is a beautiful forested area that has very typical Lappish scenery. There is a lake in the premises, which enables versatile activities at the camp. There will also be opportunities to charge mobile devices.


Q: When and where is Kajahus going to be held?
A: Kajahus will be organised between the 22nd and 28th of July 2019 in Sarriojärvi, Lapland.

Q: When will there be more information?
A: We will update this site whenever plans and dates are confirmed.

Q: What can I do at Kajahus?
A: There are many things you can do! You can participate in the program and celebrations, as well as service tasks.

Q: Can I get some marketing materials to use?
A: We provide some materials, but you should contact the Head of International Affairs, Esa Marjomaa for more specific information.